Relocation and Integration Services

My competencies have been developed in 18 years of personal experience as an expatriate. While moving among 5 continents, I faced multiple challenges, several cultural shocks, and repeated changes of environment. Despite not always speaking the local language, I had to deal with diversity and find workable solutions, while managing difficulties related to cultural adaptation, logistics and security, working environments and different schools, health and education systems, and of course family relationship’s emotional balance among others.

18 years of Expat life / 5 continents / 7 countries / 13 home locations

Expatriation Consultancy

Packing a life and moving to a foreign country is a milestone experience that can be very challenging, for both individuals and families and for companies. Preparation and research are paramount in order to succeed. A considerable amount of work is involved under many aspects: professional, logistic, linguistic, cultural, social and emotional. The first time the challenge can bring a sense of overwhelming. A proper plan and a general idea of what to expect, is helpful in controlling the anxiety and the worries of the people involved.

Offered Services

MIGRO Consulting can give you a prospective of what to expect when you decide to migrate, temporarily or permanently, with or without your family. This service can be useful also for companies who want to prepare the organization to welcome foreign workers, in order to foresee the impact of intercultural issues on the daily work flow.


Destination Services

When the opportunity of leaving becomes real, things can get very busy and chaotic in a very short time. Finding all the relevant information on your new destination maybe not be so easy: what to look for and where to look for it?  And, most importantly, do you have the time to do the research?

Offered Services

  • COUNTRY RESEARCH: life conditions, climate, housing, work, study, health services, …
  • RESEARCH AND CONTACT WITH RESOURCES: international moving companies, schools, public services, customs requirements, pet moving requirements, …
  • WELCOMING AND SETTLEMENT SERVICES (services offered in Alberta only)

Services for Canadian Companies

Employing foreign workers when the local job market cannot provide the human resources needed, can become a challenging issue for small and medium sized companies.

In addition to the normal activities and the specific immigration visa requirements, a list of several other extra tasks will impact on your HR department.

MIGRO Consulting can help by offering various relocation and settlement services to welcome your new foreign employees and support them through the logistic and bureaucratic requirements they need to full-fill when arriving in Canada. Offering them the guide to solve most of the logistic issues for them and their families, will accelerate their integration, make them productive in less time and with more efficiency for the HR department.

Offered Services

  • ACCOMPANIED TOURS for bureaucratic requirements, housing, health care and school search and applications.

Intercultural Awareness Training

The first months in a foreign country are characterized by unusual emotional discomfort, by unexpected difficulties in understanding which are the social rules in the new society, and by a huge amount of misunderstandings. The phenomenon is called “cultural shock” and it affects every newcomer, even the most prepared one.

As an individual, being aware of what to expect is helpful and allows to reduce the discomfort in the social and in the job environment. Awareness of cultural shock for parents gives a direct benefit also to their children, as they will be more able to help them settling in the local community.

As a company, preparing your staff to share the working space and to deal with new workers belonging to different cultures is also crucial in order to maintain efficiency and productivity. Investing in diversity will surely bring a productivity dividend, but the process may be not totally smooth and requires attention.

Offered Services


“Only make moves when your heart’s in it.”

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I have had the pleasure of working with Cristina on various projects serving the international and expat community. Her attention to detail and focus are complemented by her approachable personality, genuine interest in people, and warm sense of humor.

Christopher O’Shaughnessy
Public Speaker

Cristina is a positive woman, a great organizer, very pragmatic and she has a true interest in taking care of people. Thanks to her valued advice and her availability, my transfer from Italy to Nigeria resulted to be definitely less complicated than I was thinking.

Loredana De Giglio
Artist, moved to Nigeria with two children

I have been able to appreciate her honesty, intelligence and precision. Cristina is never approximate. Before agreeing to carry out any kind of task, she makes sure she has all the tools to accomplish it successfully.

Claudia Landini
Intercultural Trainer
Italiano English