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    Immigration Services

    Visiting Canada

    Whatever reason you have to visit Canada, for tourism or for visiting friends and families, you probably need a visa. Plan your trip with peace of mind and enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

    Working in Canada

    Find help in navigating the legal requirements for temporarily working or doing business in Canada.

    Studying in Canada

    Explore the opportunities and the visa requirements for studying in some of the best schools and universities in the world.

    Permanent Residency & Citizenship

    From Express Entry to Provincial Nominees programs, there are multiple different streams to immigrate in Canada.

    MY MISSIONTo help people change their life, succeed in their migration project and make the world a better place.

    Settlement Services

    Expatriation Consultancy

    A competent support for individuals, families and employers to better understand the process of moving in a new country. Set a plan, reduce the anxiety and make it a wonderful life experience.

    Destination Services

    Country research and destination services tailored on specific requirements, with the goal to save time and relocate internationally in a more efficient way.

    Services for Canadian Companies

    Tailored support for Human Resources departments who want to obtain a more efficient and faster integration of their foreign employees.

    Intercultural Awareness Training

    Consultancy and workshop in topics related to cultural shock. Support for individuals, families, groups and companies.

    About Me

    From Italy to Middle East, to Africa, to Australia, to Europe again, and finally to Canada, I moved internationally many times and I faced multiple complex challenges. My life experience motivated me to share the skills I gained and to help other people overcoming the discomfort of moving abroad. I became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant to extend my services into the field of the Canadian immigration law and to support those willing to live in Canada temporarily or permanently.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    MIGRO Consulting clients are individuals or families who are dealing or planning to deal with an international transfer abroad, and need support in understanding what to do and how the process may affect them. MIGRO Consulting can also help companies who want to provide personalized support for their expat or immigrant employees.

    There are many other providers who can offer similar services, but few of them have a consultant who lived herself the same experience her clients are going to face. With almost two decades of life around the world, Cristina has experimented first hand most of the challenges involved in a move abroad and she can deeply relate and deal with the difficulties of her clients.

    MIGRO Consulting services are available and usable for almost any country a client would like to move to, as there are there are focused-on methodology and approach. However, the services in the field of Immigration law (information, advise, representation and support about immigration opportunities and visa requirements) are specifically only related to Canada.


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